Shift March Blog: Denneroll Tables

Shift March Blog: Denneroll Tables in Traverse City MI

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The Denneroll Traction Table is a tool used by our doctors at Shift Health Center in Traverse City, Michigan, to administer precision spinal traction therapy. It helps to promote proper hip and spinal alignment and creates an environment to support and sustain optimal muscular balance in your back.

The Denneroll Table is designed to gently stretch and flex the muscles in your back away from the spinal column. This allows the muscles surrounding your vertebrae to relax, for joints to move freely, and for any adhesions in the muscles and joints to be released, especially the cervical region.

Combined with adjustments, it provides a gentle but effective way to correct spinal conditions or musculoskeletal imbalances and helps tn restore natural spinal curvature, promote proper posture and reduce pain.

The primary benefit of utilizing a Denneroll is its ability to reduce muscular tension in the body. It also helps reduce pain levels when used with other chiropractic treatments. They provide a lowimpact type of treatment that can be used over and over without worries of additional strain or discomfort.

Chiropractic care with a Denneroll Traction Table can have a range of therapeutic benefits, including:

● Increased range of motion
● Increased flexibility
● Decreased neck pain
● Improved posture
● Reduced inflammation

It can also help with disc herniation and disc bulging, spinal degeneration, and postural muscle imbalances. With regular use, it can also help to strengthen core muscles and prevent injury.

The Denneroll Traction Table can provide excellent support and care for the spine and upper cervical region when used in conjunction with chiropractic care. It offers a safe and effective way to promote proper posture and alignment of the spine, reducing pain, discomfort, and inflammation.

Our Traverse City doctors at Shift Health Center have seen incredible results from incorporating the Denneroll Traction Table into our practice member’s care plans! If you suffer from back pain, limited mobility, or are just stiff and sore, and in the Traverse City area, we would love to help you! Reach out to our team at (231) 846-8897 or stop by our office to see how you can benefit from our Denneroll Traction Table too!


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