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In our Traverse City chiropractic office, we assess your body for stress and correct it, allowing your body to heal from the inside out, naturally.

Life is Too Short to Live with Pain and Disease

No one should miss time with friends and family

You were designed for more


We envision Traverse City and the surrounding communities as a place in which people have shifted their consciousness and regained control of their health; a community where drugs and surgery are a last resort and not a first choice; a community where longevity and a better quality of life go hand-in-hand; a community where every child has an opportunity to experience the joys of life without disease or dysfunction; a community where every individual is living clear and connected. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most up to date research in healthcare today, we will bring this vision to life.

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We have helped hundreds of Traverse City patients just like you live the life they deserve, pain-free and healthy, with over 300 five star reviews to prove it!

“I've had back and neck pain (sometimes debilitating) for over ten years now. I've seen chiropractors who would crack me and I'd feel better... for a day. I'd grown cynical.

When I got to shift nothing they did was what I was used to and in a good way. It was clear from the beginning this was going to be data and results driven. X rays. Range of motion tests. Medical history. Etc. The treatment plans are they personalized and based on the results. The adjustment techniques are also more subtle and gradual, but also more effective.

This review is already long winded so I will wrap it up but if you're looking for a place with exceedingly kind people, performing innovative techniques, that have yielded results when nothing in the past decade has, this is your place”

- Jeff

“I’ve been a patient at Shift Health Center since July and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I’m receiving chiropractic care and being treated for neuropathy.

Everyone on the staff are very caring, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. They always take the time to listen to you, address your concerns and answer your questions. I’m very pleased with the care I’m receiving.

I would highly recommend Shift Health Center for all your chiropractic needs or if you’re suffering from neuropathy.”

- Ann-Marie

“I highly recommend Shift! I have been going to Shift for their Chiropractic Service, SoftWave therapy and Cold Wave therapy for low back pain. I noticed a difference within 2 weeks. I was surprised how quick my low back pain diminished. All of the doctors and staff are caring and friendly. It is worth the try if they feel they can help you.”

- Janet

“I've been coming to Shift for about a year and a half. The team is always helpful and kind not only to patients, but also to each other, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate that I have relief in my lower back every time I go in. I've used their cold laser for my plantar fasciitis too, and it helped a lot more than I expected it to. I am not usually the type of guy who would seek this type of help, I am usually the one to just "deal with it". But my wife wanted better for me, so she recommended (strongly and persistently) that I give Shift a try, and I am so grateful that I did.”

- Wendell

What makes Shift health center different than other "chiropractors near me"?

The Shift Solution

S: Specialized - we're dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans that meet the unique needs and goals of our patients. Nothing is cookie-cutter!
H: Help & Support - We offer our patients a dedicated helpline and support system so they never feel alone.
I: Inflammation reduction - Healing cannot take place in the presence of excess inflammation. We reduce inflammation to create an optimal environment for healing.
F: Function - Our focus is on functional recovery, aiming to restore patients' abilities to perform daily activities without pain or limitation, promoting independence. It's not just about the symptoms, it's about living your life the way that you desire!
T: Tissue Regeneration & Remodeling - We use cutting-edge technology to regenerate & remodel damaged nerves, blood vessels, cartilage, and ligaments.

Your Guide to Health

1. Schedule an appointment
2. Complete a consultation and examination
3. Execute a custom treatment plan
4. Live the life you deserve

Choose Cutting Edge Chiropractic Care Today

With medication use at an all-time high, many people are searching for natural answers to pain and disease. We decided to open Shift Health Center in Traverse City, MI to help individuals suffering with pain and other health challenges. We use natural methods to help those feeling frustrated and hopeless because no one should miss out on making memories or doing what they love.

We strive daily to be the best chiropractor in Traverse City by providing cutting edge chiropractic care to correct problems at their source, so you can feel optimistic and empowered instead of relying on surgery or medications. By increasing your productivity you will save time, money, and most importantly, get your lifestyle back!


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