American Heart Health Month and Chiropractic in Traverse City MI

American Heart Health Month and Chiropractic in Traverse City MI

Chiropractic Traverse City MI Heart Health

American Heart Health Month is here, and it’s essential to address how the heart plays a vital role in your overall health. The CDC says every 37 seconds, someone in the United States loses their life to heart disease — that’s 647,000 Americans each year. Those statistics are scary, especially when many people never know their heart health is going downhill. That’s where chiropractic care comes in and can make a huge difference. Regular chiropractic adjustments in Traverse City MI have the power to lower blood pressure and inflammation throughout the body.

American Heart Health Month in Traverse City MI

You don’t want to wait until you develop heart issues to take action. Going to a trusted chiropractor can potentially prevent or even treat cardiovascular problems. Here’s how: the average person’s spine isn’t aligned, creating tension in the nerves and immune system. Realigning your spine enables your nerves to function correctly, reducing inflammation that would otherwise affect your arteries, veins, and heart.

Preventing inflammation within your body isn’t the only benefit of regular adjustments when it comes to your heart. Your blood pressure is also affected. The National Library of Medicine conducted a study in which 21 patients with high blood pressure and state anxiety were split into three groups: active treatment, placebo treatment, and no treatment. When the results came in, they discovered a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the active treatment group and no significant change in the other two groups. This study and countless others support the claim that chiropractic adjustments help lower blood pressure.

We highly recommend regular chiropractic adjustments if you’re struggling with your heart health or want to prevent future problems. For those in Traverse City, MI, click here to schedule an appointment or call us at (231) 846-8897 for more information. We would love to assist you in any way we can!

National Library of Medicine Study:


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