Understanding the Symptoms of Neuropathy in Traverse City

Understanding the Symptoms of Neuropathy in Traverse City

Chiropractic Traverse City MI Understanding The Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy in Traverse City is a condition caused by damage to the nerves located around the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves). It is often caused by long-term high blood sugar levels, which damage the nerves, and is thus more common in diabetics, but there are also many other possible causes.

Your peripheral nerves are responsible for sending information from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. When this communication network becomes disrupted due to nerve damage, symptoms occur that can range from mild to severe but are rarely life-threatening. The extent to which neuropathy symptoms affect one’s life will depend on the type of nerve fibers affected and the severity of damage.

Typically, neuropathy is first noticed in the feet and hands, but can spread to the legs and arms over time. While the condition has no cure, it is entirely manageable with the right lifestyle, treatment, and diet.

Keep reading to find out more about neuropathy symptoms and how we can help you treat them naturally!

What to Expect: Common Symptoms of Neuropathy in Traverse City


Numbness is one of the most common symptoms of neuropathy. It can present as having no feeling in the feet or hands, or there may be tingling or prickling sensations. Some neuropathy patients describe the feeling as if wearing a sock or glove where there isn’t one.

Shooting Pain

Neuropathy can cause sharp, sudden pains to occur in the limbs, as if being jolted by an electrical shock. It can also cause painful cramping sensations. These pains typically occur in the hands, feet, and calf muscles.

Loss of Sensation

Like a broken wire, neuropathy disrupts the signals normally sent from the brain to the body. Due to this, people with neuropathy often experience a loss of feeling in their extremities. This is unfortunately where many complications with the condition stem from, as scrapes and wounds go unnoticed, leading to infections.

Poor Balance

Neuropathy patients also often experience a loss of their balance, coordination, and overall mobility. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as tingling in the feet and muscle weakness. As a result, neuropathy patients often have difficulty with simple tasks such as walking and driving. Orthopedic shoes are recommended for increased stability.

How We Help

If you are struggling with any of these symptoms – burning pain, tingling, numbness, or even a loss of feeling–know that you do not have to. Advanced programs and drug-free treatments are available at Shift Health Center that can help you turn your neuropathy around.

We’ve successfully treated neuropathy syndromes with customized plans incorporating safe and natural treatments, such as:

  • Cold laser therapy is a painless process that stimulates blood circulation in order to provide nutrients and oxygen to nerves.
  • Chiropractic treatment addresses spinal malalignment and inflammation.
  • Non-invasive devices like the FDA-approved DyAnsys First Relief device work to regenerate nerves.
  • Lifestyle changes can include dietary modifications, supplementation, and a program of therapeutic activities. These will be specially tailored to your syndromes and abilities.

You deserve a life free of pain and hindrance from neuropathy! Call our office today to see what we can do for you.


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