Prescription Pills and A Wheelchair…There Is A Better Way To Treat Neuropathy in Traverse City

Prescription Pills and A Wheelchair…There Is A Better Way To Treat Neuropathy in Traverse City

Chiropractic Traverse City MI Prescription Pills And A Wheelchair

Neuropathy in Traverse City is a medical condition typically characterized by symptoms of numbness and tingling, lack of coordination, pain, and muscle weakness. It occurs when the nerves become damaged.

But, having neuropathy does not mean you are destined to spend life in a wheelchair taking prescription pills!

A Better Way To Treat Neuropathy in Traverse City

This conventional route of treatment has left many patients unsatisfied, as its only masking symptoms instead of addressing the cause. Thankfully, there are better options available to treat neuropathy.

Keep reading only to find out how you can get your active life back without drugs or surgery.

At-home devices

Advances in technology have made it easy to treat neuropathy non-invasively from home. For instance, the FDA-approved DyAnsys First Relief device has provided patients significant pain relief, along with improved sleep and mood. The device is placed behind the ear, using small, acupuncture-like needles that target the nervous system. This helps the nerves to regenerate and normally fire again so that they can send proper signals to the brain.

Cold laser therapy

Another technological breakthrough and popular treatment for neuropathy is cold laser treatment. This works by stimulating blood circulation in the areas in which nerves are damaged. In turn, nerve fibers can receive the oxygen and nutrition that they need to repair and function properly. The process is painless and results in decreased neuropathic discomfort.


Taking supplements for neuropathy has fewer side effects than conventional treatments, and often provides other health benefits. These are some vitamins and supplements that can help reduce symptoms of neuropathy.

  • B vitamins are beneficial for treating neuropathy as they play a role in nervous system functioning. They also can be useful for reducing pain and inflammation. Peripheral neuropathy can even be caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12. Consuming B1 and B12 is essential. You can find B vitamins in foods such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and vegetables. For vegans, nutritional yeast is an excellent source of vitamin B12.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that can help treat neuropathy caused by diabetes. A recent study found that it can lower blood sugar levels, improve nerve functioning, and reduce symptoms of tingling or numbness in the limbs. 600-1200 milligrams can be taken a day to help reduce neuropathic pain.

Dietary Protocols

Some simple dietary changes can ensure that your nerves have the right nutrients to function properly. Take care of what you eat and drink, as it can either improve or exacerbate symptoms of neuropathy.

  • Control blood sugar: This is crucial since diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy. People with diabetic neuropathy can manage their symptoms by avoiding sweets, added sugars, and foods high in starches or carbs.
  • Limit or avoid alcohol: Heavy drinking leads to the malabsorption of nutrients that healthy nerves require. Alcohol can also directly poison nerves.
  • A paleo-style diet is recommended for optimal nerve health and nutrition. If it is made in a factory, it's probably not the best choice! Stick to whole foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, meats, and seafood.

Chiropractic Care

If neuropathy is linked to spinal cord issues, seeing a chiropractor is recommended. This focuses on treating the underlying conditions causing pain, as well as reducing inflammation.

Many people are seeking to treat their neuropathy and improve their quality of life without relying on medication. Thankfully, there are numerous natural therapeutic options that can provide relief. Reach out to learn more about controlling neuropathy the natural way!


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