Having Vision for your health

Having VISION for your health

You have probably heard people talk about vision. Not literal sight of course, but mental vision of where you see your life, work, or family going. Having a ‘vision’ can be applied to work, hobbies, or home life. Many motivational speakers will say that this is the key ingredient you are lacking in one or more areas of your life. But, have you ever created a vision for your health. Contact our chiropractic clinic in Traverse City for more information.

Long term, big picture vision is what often propels people to do great things

Have you ever truly thought about a long term vision for where you see your health going? If you create that vision with an end in mind, you can reverse engineer the steps that are needed to get there and accomplish it.

More importantly, having a long term vision for your health will keep your eye on the prize instead of over-reacting to small insignificant hiccups along the way. Often times, as a chiropractor, my patients will complain of a minor ache or pain and lose sight of how far they have came in their health.

If you have a long term vision for your health and know that you are taking the steps to get there, the speed bumps that you encounter along the way will not seem as significant. From a cold to an ankle sprain, to sleeping strange and straining your back, these issues need attention—but are not major setbacks in your quest for longevity.

Four Pillars for Your Health

The four pillars of true health are sleep (recharging), nutrition (fuel), exercise (movement), and neurologically based chiropractic (removing interference). If you are continuously putting an effort towards these 4 pillars, you are doing what is necessary to move closer to your long term health vision. The key in all of these areas is CONSISTENCY. Doing each one for a month and then taking 2 months off is not going to move you closer to your vision.

The three destroyers of health are thoughts (negative emotional stress of any kind), toxins (chemicals in our foods, beauty products, clothes, etc.) and traumas (big accidents or small repetitive daily traumas such as sitting at a desk all day). The second key to moving towards your long term health vision is to limit these three factors. Sure, it is near impossible to avoid these all together, but it is necessary to restrain them as much as possible. This can be done by having a positive mental outlook (daily affirmations), eating organic foods, and practicing proper posture/ergonomics.

Your Long Term Health ‘Account’

Considering how this works in a long term health perspective, I want to share an exciting concept to encompass these ideas. The concept is called ‘Accumulative Constructive Survival Value’. Think of your health like a bank account. The balance is your accumulative constructive survival value. Every time you make a positive health decision regarding one of the 4 main pillars of health, your balance goes up. Every time you encounter one of the destroyers of health, your balance goes down. This continues throughout your life, but slowly and surely over time, by making positive choices you can increase your balance. This leads you closer and closer to your long term health vision.

Whether you want to travel, enjoy your hobbies, or just be able to play with your grandchildren, take the steps necessary to see that vision through to the end. Contact our Shift Health Center team today and begin to make positive changes to your new health account balance!


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