How Chiropractic Wellness Care Can Benefit You as a Senior

How Chiropractic Wellness Care can Benefit You as a Senior

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I have so many great memories from my grandpa’s house as a kid. I can remember the snacks, games, the horrible bright orange carpet, his silly jokes, and countless pill bottles on his nightstand. I remember asking grandpa when I was 9 or 10 years old why he had so many and he simply said, “that’s just a part of getting old!”

What if I told you that it didn’t have to be a part of getting old?!

A study done by The Journal of Manipulative and Physical Therapy found that senior citizens (people 65 years or older) who had chiropractic wellness care for 5 years or longer had a better quality of life for people their age.

Let’s take a look at how long-term chiropractic wellness care in Traverse City can benefit you as a senior…

These individuals had 50% fewer medical provider visits than the average for their age and they only spent 31% compared to the national average for their age on health care services. How incredible is that?

People work most of their life to be able to retire and ENJOY their time and money—not to have to spend it on medical expenses or eat up all their time going to visits that could be avoided.

If there was a greater focus on being proactive versus reactive with our health, these statistics could be commonplace. It truly is amazing to see the changes in people’s lives when they commit to long term wellness care. 50% less medical visits and only spending 31% on medical bills as compared to the average for their age is simply astounding.

And, of course, those visits add up, prescriptions pills add up, and now not only is it robbing you of your time but your money. Imagine having 69% more spending money than you have now. Just think about that number and what you could do with it. The seniors who invested in wellness care have that!

This is a prime example of how lives can change when the focus shifts from a Disease-Management model of healthcare to a True Healthcare model. In the Disease-Management model, we often wait for things to completely break down before we address them. By this point, it takes more time, energy, and money to resolve the problem.

“I don’t want to save money, time, or live a longer healthier life…said no-one ever!”

My favorite number in the study was this; 95.8% felt that care was “considerably” or “extremely” effective in promoting health! What an incredible percentage of happy, healthy, senior citizens. Everyone 65 years or older should feel this way!

This is something we should all want for our entire family. A nightstand full of pill bottles doesn’t have to be your reality.


Rupert, Manello, and Sandefur (2000). Maintenance care: Health promotion services administered to US chiropractic patients aged 65 and older. Journal of Manipulative and Physical Therapy; 23(1):10.


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