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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

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Has anyone you know utilized chiropractic care in Traverse City during pregnancy? Pregnancy can be tough (or so I am told). All kidding aside, we know there are many additional stresses on mom as she goes through the beautiful process of pregnancy ending in birth.

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin begins to build up in the body. This relaxes the ligaments in preparation for the birthing process. While this is a necessary step in pregnancy, it can also present challenges. Vertebra become predisposed to misaligning, interfering with the nerves that supply function to every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ in our body.

One aspect that many do not realize is that the sacrum, the ‘tailbone’, has direct ligamentous connections to the uterus. When the sacrum shifts or misaligns it can cause undue torsion on the uterus.

This is where Webster’s Technique comes into play. Webster’s Technique is a gentle approach used specifically for pregnant moms. It works with the bones, muscles, and ligaments of the pelvis to restore proper biomechanics and physiology. When proper function is present, we know that we have the best chance for great birth outcomes. If the pelvis is not balanced, the uneven pulling on these muscles and ligaments may be restricting the baby’s ability to get into the best possible position for birth. Dr. Kyle is certified in Webster’s Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

In a study of 65 women presented at the World Chiropractic Congress, Dr. Joan Fallon showed that pregnant mothers under prenatal chiropractic care from their 10th week of pregnancy until birth experienced: 24% shorter labor times than average for women in their first pregnancy and 39% shorter labor times for women who’ve had multiple pregnancies!

Pregnant moms don’t only experience better birth outcomes, but are also more comfortable during pregnancy. They also report improvement in low back pain, mid back pain, and neck pain. In Traverse City the C-section rate is 29%, while the World Health Organization states that the rate should sit around 10%. Seeing a chiropractor who is certified in Webster’s Technique may help with these numbers and provide you with the birth that you are hoping for.

Allow our chiropractic team in Traverse City to serve you today!

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